I’m back in Germany

I’m back in Germany

This still sounds and feels strange to me, just two week ago I was on a boat together with Christof in the Gulf of Mexico and didn’t thought about anything else but our next travel plans…
Just a couple days later everything changed. With the rapid growth of the COVID-19 virus in the US and Europe, the governments diceded to end the exchange way earlier than expected.
I needed some time to settle in and get my head around all this, but I can’t really.
One thing I can do for sure, is to thank every single one of the great people that I’ve met in the last 8 months in the US. I had an amazing time and I’m convinced, that I’ll see a lot of them again.
Special thanks to the whole Houser family, for hosting me and letting me be part of their great family.
The whole MNUFC team, for letting my dream of working for a major league sports team come true and be even better than I could ever imagin.
To the people at Minneapolis Collage, all of them!
And of course the whole CBYX/ PPP family.

I know there are bigger things happening in our world right now, but I needed to write things down and off my heart, find a way to cope with it myself and send a big  „THANK YOU“ to all the great people out there.

Finally I want to wish you all the best in the future, stay at home and stay healthy!

Till we meet again,


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